Hybrid Industry Challenges Workshop

August 29th, 04:00pm Japan Standard Time, (09:00am CEST), 


  • Martin Becker (Fraunhofer IESE, Germany)
  • Mitsuhiro Kitani (Hitachi, Japan)
  • Rick Rabiser (LIT, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria)

SPLC is the premier forum where researchers, practitioners, and educators can present and discuss the most recent ideas, trends, experiences, and challenges in the area of software and system product lines engineering, i.e., highly variable/configurable systems. Conference events include opportunities to hear industry leaders’ real-world experiences and researchers’ latest ideas and to learn from both. Please refer to the SPLC Hall of Fame to read about success stories with SPLs by companies such as Boeing, Bosch, Hewlett Packard, Philips, Siemens, Toshiba: https://splc.net/fame.html 

The idea/agenda for the Industry Variability Challenges Workshop is:

  • Motivating introduction by the organizers.
  • Each company (in 10-15min) pitches their setting, esp. drivers, challenges, lessons learned wrt dealing with variability/highly variable/configurable systems in their context.
    • Workshop organizers will document challenges live on a Miro board.
  • Open discussion guided by the workshop organizers to further extend the challenges collected on the Miro board and discuss them together with all participants.

Motivation for companies to participate: 

  • Hear problems of other companies
  • Tell the researchers what they could/should work on wrt highly variable/configurable systems
  • Identify areas where they would like to get some help from the SPLC community
  • Identify areas where they do not need support anymore
  • Network with other companies in other domains potentially having related issues
  • Identify possibilities to collaborate with researchers

Motivation for SPLC research community:

  • Learn about current challenges of companies
  • Relate industry challenges with ongoing research
  • Identify possibilities to collaborate with companies

Mode: Hybrid

Costs: Virtual Participation is free
Documentation/Dissemination: during the virtual event, we will collect challenges/ideas/comments on a Miro board and share it with the participants and the SPLC research community