Call for Student Volunteers

SPLC 2023 is an excellent opportunity for students to meet and talk with leading academic or industrial researchers and practitioners in the area of systems and software product lines. Being a student volunteer is also an excellent way of meeting other students from all over the world and offset some of the costs of the conference. Our student volunteers are critical in ensuring that the conference runs smoothly, and SPLC would not be possible without their enthusiastic contribution each year.

This exclusive experience is available to undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world who are enthusiastic and willing to contribute to making SPLC 2023 a unique experience for all attendees.


  • Free registration to the main conference
  • Free admission to pre-conference events
  • Tickets for lunches during the main conference, as well as for the SPLC 2023 social dinner (at Happo-en) and reception
  • Free SPLC 2023 souvenir, and other benefits

Requirements and Responsibilities

  • Must be enrolled in a Ph.D., Masters, or full-time undergraduate program at the time of the conference. They have to be fluent in English and have good social and communication skills.
  • Expected to be present during the entire conference from August 28 – September 1, 2023, and to work approximately 12 hours during the conference week. However, we will also consider applicants who can only attend some days of the conference. Some student volunteers will also be needed the day before the conference starts for preparation work (Sunday, August 27th). You will be requested to specify in the application form the days you are available (we will take this information into account during selection). Not all volunteers will be required during the full time.
  • Help at the registration desk (e.g., setting up, preparing conference bags, checking badges, and helping attendees register), assist with sessions, panels and posters, provide directions, help with traffic flow, and provide general assistance to keep the conference running smoothly.


  • To apply for a student volunteer position, you need to complete and submit the online application form:
  • Applications are accepted till August 7.
  • Applications will be reviewed as soon as they arrive and the applicant will be notified shortly.


Note that the free registration as a student volunteer cannot cover the registration for an accepted paper. Examples:

  • Yuki has one paper at a pre-conference and no other co-author covers the paper with their registration. Yuki must register as “Pre-conference only (Onsite)”, and the cost of the main conference is covered by her service as a student volunteer.
  • Taro has one paper at a pre-conference, but another co-author covers the paper with their registration. Taro can receive a registration for free for the full conference as a student volunteer.

For additional information or clarification, please contact the Student Volunteers Chair, Tsutomu Kobayashi kobayashi <DOT> tsutomu <AT> jaxa <DOT> jp (with the subject line “SPLC2023SV <Student Name>”).